No matter how small your website is, keeping it up-to-date and spending time evaluating its quality is extremely important. A lot of small business owners are usually able to manage with the little referrals and word of mouth publicity they can muster, but you need to look into improving your small business website if you want Google and other search engines to take you seriously.

Google can be fastidious about what it displays in its search results, and that’s crucial in helping new customers discover your business.


Following are a few tips to help you get started on improving your small business website for both search and your potential customers –

1. Have a Unique Page Title

Make sure every page on your website has a Unique Page Title that contains keywords that you would expect someone to use while searching for a product you offer. If you need some ideas about which words people might use to search for your business, use Google’s Keyword tool to give you suggestions.

2. What’s your name, again?!

Make sure that your ‘About Us’ page includes your Company Name in the title. Also, include your company’s full business name and address in the footer of every page on your website – this increases the possibility of your website being included in local search engine searches and people can even look you up on Google Maps.

3. Google Analytics actually works!

Don’t just install Google Analytics and forget about it. Use it; Trust us, it actually works ?

Use them to track a couple of key metrics about your website each month, such as how many people from your local area visited your site and how many visits did your website receive from search engines.

4. That’s our number, so call us, maybe? ?

Include your company phone number at a prominent position on the top right of every page. Saves people the time and effort from having to search your site to get in touch with you.

5. Blog, don’t brag!

Start a company blog and talk about not only the products/services you offer, but also talk about industry trends and case studies. Infographics too have recently become pretty famous with the readers. Try them but ensure content is relevant and not for the sake of pushing it out ?

6. Be accessible via Mobile

A staggering 61% of people leave websites when they’re browsing from a mobile device if they don’t immediately find what they’re looking for. Build a mobile website, get that attention you’ve been craving, and stand out among your competitors.

7. Social Presence is Good Presence

All your customers (existing + potential) are on Facebook and on Twitter, and you need to be there too! Everyone appreciates a brand that is responsive and available and Social Media allows your customers one more channel to reach out to you quickly.

8. Videos provide greater Understandability

Consider using videos to review products or explain about your services – videos can provide a level of understanding quickly and help to convert visitors into customers.

These are simple yet extremely important tips to help you revamp your small business website. And if you still need help, we’re always here ?

Reach out to us whenever you want and we’ll assist you in the best possible way!

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