If you’re reading this you’ve already taken the decision to get yourself online and a big high-five to you! Seriously, that’s an amazing decision. Now comes the fun part of making your website awesome. You’re going to have to decide whether you’re designing it yourself or hiring a designer to do this. If you’re thinking of hiring a designer try Us. Irrespective of the direction you choose, we’ve locked down some key pointers that will help you make an awesome website. Starting from the look, to the content, etc. we’ve got it all covered. So read on and equip yourself with the tools to make a truly Rocking website.
  • Get the colors right: Start by settling on a central theme color, this color can be your brand color so to speak, (Orange) in our case. Then all you have to do is use colors that go with this central theme color. A way of doing this is, if your logo is red, then that could be your theme color. Here’s a cool website that helps with color combinations
  • Stay Lite: We live in fast times, where speed is the keyword. A sluggish website is the last thing anyone wants. Keep away from heavy content like videos, flashy banners and hi-fi images. The idea is to get your site to load as fast as it possibly can.
  • Get the right host: We’re gonna be biased here, we think we’re pretty solid at hosting ?
  • A Clear call to action: Every page on your site should have a purpose and a clear call to action for it. If your users ask “what am I supposed to do here?” you’ve already lost their attention
  • Simple Navigation: KISS is the golden word here. Keep it Simple, a user should always know his way around your site with google maps.
  • Know thy audience: Know who’s coming to your site and give them what they’re coming for up front, whether that’s news, your latest products, or a specific newsletter sign-up.
  • Update often: Keep your site fresh with updates on a regular basis. You’ll keep users coming back.
  • Check your ABCs: Spell check, spell check, spell check and spell check some more.
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