[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ne in a thousand websites face problems due to loss of data. In fact, recent times have shown that multi-million dollar companies have lost data due to reasons including a change in FTP credentials, DDOS, hacking attacks, or simply mere human error.

Owing to this, Every web developer takes backup of websites or apps files & database . Regular backup of files makes site run  efficient and reliable on the world wide web. By regular backup of files & database developer can restore their site to a previously backed up version. Keeping a backup of your website is a wonderful idea. It provides insurance against all types of setbacks, such as security compromises and inadvertently deleting your entire site (it happens).

We at Mildwave technologies, use some third party automated software to take backup of database & files of websites. These software backups both database & files of website. Backup files are stored on Amazon Web Services Simple Storage System, also known as S3. S3 boasts durability levels of 99% which are achieved by distributing storage of data across multiple locations & we also take manual backup of all website for every 15 days on local servers & storage devices.

We also backing up site before we make changes each and every time. That way, if something goes awry, we have a fresh copy that we know is working. It might seem like a hassle, but the first time we use a backup, we’re going to pat ourself on the back for having so much foresight.

Backup Everything

We Backup your website files and your databases.Restore your site from any of the multiple versions stored.

Automatic Backups

Any changes made to your site are automatically backed up by our software & Get notified of changes made to your
site, including database changes











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